We fight for manufacturers.

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CMTA is the go-to for everything manufacturing. We filter all the information, so you don’t have to, and provide you with what “You Need to Know.” CMTA members receive access to trusted advisers and exclusive services that directly help manufacturers stay competitive so they can continue to manufacture in California

California Capitol


Our professional staff has decades of experience advocating for and against bills and regulations that matter to you. Hundreds of manufacturers, large, medium, and small, depend on us to protect their interests. 

  • Members can shape competitive policy by participating in our policy committees Provide input on regulatory reform
  • Receive critical updates and alerts on legislative information, manufacturing data, and weekly messages from CMTA’s CEO

Employment Training Funds & Certification Programs

  • Receive funds for training your employees through the Employment Training Panel (ETP) partnership with CMTA 
  • Receive up to five free licenses through Peak Performance’s Employee Safety Program 
  • Provide your employees with extended online certifications courses to advance their career through Tooling U 
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Marketing Benefits

  • Access to an award-winning storytelling team to build your company’s portfolio and brand through videos, photos, social media content and content-strategy meetings 
  • Inclusive promotions on Sacramento’s ABC News affiliate, ABC10
  • Features in CMTA newsletters, website, and on social media 
  • Access to our job board
  • Sponsorship opportunities

Money Saving Programs

  • Receive a discount on your Worker’s Comp Insurance when you become a member and receive a discount on your Worker’s Comp Insurance when you enroll in CompScience– AI technology to lower the risk of injury in the workplace
  • Access to the National Association of Manufactures’ Workplace for supply chain needs
  • Access to our conference room. Learn more here
  • Opportunities for tax credits
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For more information on joining CMTA, fill out the membership inquiry form, and the CMTA team will follow up with you

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