Innovation in Manufacturing: Bridging the Gap Between Tradition and Technology

Join us at one of CMTA’s biggest events of the year, celebrating Manufacturing Month with the 2nd Annual MakingCA Conference on October 18, 2024. Designed to showcase manufacturing opportunities in the 21st Century, the conference guarantees influential keynote speakers, fireside chats, and imperative panels to discuss the needs of California’s innovators.





Interested in Speaking at the MakingCA Conference?

Are you interested in speaking at our CMTA MakingCA Conference on October 18, 2024? The conference brings together manufacturing leaders for a day, providing valuable networking opportunities. CMTA events are attended by C-level business leaders, manufacturing employees, manufacturing advocates, and education and government partners. The event format will have panels and several speakers, with a luncheon to recognize the winner of 2024’s Coolest Thing Made in California competition.

2024 Coolest Thing Made in California Contest

There are over 30,000 manufacturers in California – which means a lot of cool products are made here in the Golden State. But what is the Coolest Thing Made in California?
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