Communications Marketing Associate

Kiara Badue is the Communications Marketing Associate for the California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA). Kiara joined the organization as an intern for ten months before taking on a full-time position in June 2023.

Kiara received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications, with a focus on Public Relations and a Minor in Marketing from California State University, Sacramento. During college, she developed skills in marketing and communications through various internships, where she gained experience in social media marketing, email marketing, and partnership marketing.

Kiara joined CMTA during a time of rebranding and feels happy to contribute to the organization’s efforts to boost the CMTA brand and highlight its support for California manufacturers.

Outside of work, she enjoys exploring her hometown of Sacramento, spending time with friends, and traveling. After graduation, she embarked on a grand European adventure, visiting stunning locations such as Greece, Paris, London, and Amsterdam.