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We’re changing the narrative of the manufacturing industry one story at a time. CMTA’s award-winning storytelling team showcases California’s 30,000 manufacturers by uplifting the voices of our makers. Find industry news and the stories from those “Making California” below. 

Sustainable House Manufacturer, ReMo Homes, Joins CMTA

Sacramento, Calif. – The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) officially welcomed ReMo Homes, a pioneering modular manufacturing company, to the organization today. ReMo Homes is working towards providing zero-carbon, cost-effective modular and...

Navigating a New Era of Manufacturing: Harnessing AI in the Industry

Webinar presented by Hitachi Digital Services and Dr. Chetan Gupta, head of AI research at Hitachi Sacramento, Calif. – The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) hosted an exclusive webinar on the evolving landscape of the manufacturing...

Silicon Valley Solar Startup Tandem PV Joins CMTA

Sacramento, Calif. – The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) welcomed Tandem PV, an innovative solar energy startup, to the organization today. The Silicon Valley startup is leading the charge to develop and commercialize a more powerful and...

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Organic Fertilizer Company, Glogens, Joins CMTA

Jun 14, 2024

Sacramento, Calif. – The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) welcomed Glogens, a fertilizer and plant nutrient company, to the organization today.

The Sacramento organic fertilizer company utilizes natural coal and amino acids to enhance farmers crops by delivering essential elements to plants.

“From fresh fruit and vegetables to grapes that produce world-class wine, California’s over 25.6 million acres of agricultural land feeds the country. We are excited to bring on Glogens to CMTA as we support our farmers, and many of our agriculture manufacturing members,” said Lance Hastings, CEO & President of CMTA.

Glogens products are based on years of research and development that led to the patent of an exclusive technology in the U.S. with the goal of helping farmers grow healthier crops and increase their yield while lowering costs. Glogens is also working on gaining patents in other countries to benefit the world’s overall agriculture industry.

“Glogens® proudly joins CMTA as a member, anticipating a transformative impact on the agricultural industry. We are confident that our regenerative patented fertilizer will reform the agriculture sector, enhancing soil quality, promoting sustainability, and yielding healthier crops,” said Natasha Tkachuk, Glogens’ Vice President – Operations Manager. “Glogens® is committed to ensuring affordability for farmers and consumers while focusing on environmental consciousness. The company envisions introducing its nutrient-rich fertilizer to farmers to reshape the perception of coal as a valuable and beneficial resource.”

Glogen’s unique production of fertilizers enhances the natural functioning of plants. Its fertilizers are patented to increase crop yield and plant health without synthetic chemicals.


About CMTA

The California Manufacturers & Technology Association has advocated for pro-growth laws and regulations before the California legislature and administrative agencies since 1918. The total output from manufacturing in California is $300 billion per year, roughly 10 percent of the total economic output of the state. Manufacturers employ 1.3 million Californians paying wages more than $25,000 higher than other non-farm employers in the state. For more information, visit CMTA’s website.

About Glogens

Welcome to Glogens®, where innovation meets sustainability. As pioneers in regenerative agriculture organic solutions, we’re dedicated to crafting high-quality products that enrich lives and nurture our planet. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is woven into every aspect of our work, ensuring that each product reflects our passion for a greener, cleaner, healthier future.

Beyond excellence, we’re dedicated to fostering a local community and building connections that empower and support each other. Join us in our journey towards affordable, reliable, locally sourced eco-conscious solutions that make a difference. For more information, visit Glogens® website.

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