1st Class Laundry

Union City

Industrial laundry that can process up to 40,000 pounds of laundry per day. Have a variety of equipment and willing to help in any way. Plastic film packaging sealers, Washing Machines Steam Boilers, 26' Box vans with lift gates and drivers available. Can purchase bags that will dissolve in the wash, so linen can be put into the bags at the point of origin. Can then pick these bags up and disinfect the laundry to title 22 specifications. Normally service hotels and airlines as primary business so have lost 90% of customers. Workers ready to help. Jeff Schlagel
Able Industrial products


Will sign NDA’s and do whatever they can to chip in. Have several capabilities that are needed in medical industry and have extra capacity. Between their Ontario, California and Tijuana, Mexico facility, they have the manufacturing capacity. (Newly completed controlled environment for die cutting and laminating. Delta Mod Crusader Laser Rotary-a state of the art high speed rotary die cutting machine for challenging parts with high volumes, as well as 3 additional Delta Rotary Die- Cutting Machines Laser Cutting. Water Jet Cutting. Router Cuttin. Slitting Laminating. All aspects of die cutting. Clean Room Assembly) Gilbert Martinez
Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development Bay Area Working with a designer in Wisconsin who has been working on a face shield for medical providers. He’s part of a design firm, and is working with a WI hospital and engineering school to develop this over the past week or so. the-gap Mark is working on trying to get this manufactured in the Bay Area also. Would like to talk with someone at the state who is dealing with supply chain issues around PPE, for a way to connect with relevant hospital systems to see who might be interested in purchasing such a face shield. Mark Martin
Affordable Plastics Ontario They manufacture PET plastic bottles, from 4oz-6.5 Gallons in size. Already provide some essential items, but they have aprox. 7,500 sq ft or so, that they would like to convert to making N95 masks. Aldo Villalpando
Alom Fremont Prepared to take on more. They are pre-certified for medical grade manufacturing. Hannah Kain
AMPAC Fine Chemicals LLC Sacramento Pharmaceutical grade chemicals Aslam Malik
Big Valley Molds Lodi Can help with Injection Molding & Mold Making Ken Wallace
Bishop-Wisecarver® Corp Pittsburg Complex Assemblies and Kitting- Up to 40k feet of available contract manufacturing production floor space, Kitting and sub-assemblies to full turnkey solutions, Purchase order consolidation, Vendor management. Quality traceability reports available, Flexible, scalable workforce, and Single prototypes to thousands per month. Motion Products - Linear guide bearings, Linear actuators & motion stages, Rotary & curvilinear motion guides, and Automated motion systems. Fabrication and Production - Precision CNC machining, milling, boring, turning, laser engraving. Product finishing operations - Painting, anodizing, plating, coating, heat-treating, hardening, and annealing Sheet metal fabrication. Waterjet and laser cutting up to 60"x120". Quality inspection certification, CMM reporting, hardness testing Kelly Walden
Del West Engineering Santa Clarita Specialize in manufacturing small, precise parts. While they have lathes and mills, the significant percentage of business is for round parts, so turned/drilled on lathes or honed/ground on specialty equipment. Their machines can accommodate pretty much anything up to 24” across, but sweet spot, in terms of capacity are smaller items so 4” or less. Materials they commonly work with include aluminum, titanium, high strength steel, and nickel. Specialty is difficult to process materials up to and including intermetallic compounds and metal matrix composite. Current employee count is 126 workers. Until recently their factory has been running seven days a week, 20 hours a day. Connie Sommer
Dumont Printing Fresno Sourcing materials and making facing masks currently. Susan Moore
Encore Sheets Los Angeles A Michigan-based company, but with these available resources we want to extend a helping hand to all in need. Jason Martinez
FATHOM Oakland Launched an effort to bridge the medical community’s shortage needs to providers who are able to directly help, quickly. The response to this campaign proves that our medical community needs the 3d community’s help. Connecting Industrial 3d Printing Manufacturing to Help the Medical Community at link to the right. Studio Fathom
Fiat Chrysler Oakland Can provide engineering, design, logistics to existing ventilator manufacturing companies Ross Good
FMC Technip/Schilling Robotics Shingle Springs Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing. TechnipFMC has a full machine shop in Shingle Springs and HQ in Davis where they can perform electro/mechanical assembly & integration. Facility can be retrofitted to assemble products in cells. Austin Wilkinson
FTR CNC Sacramento CNC Machine Shop can support manufacturing of ventilators, respirators, CPAP machines Pete Oxenham
Garner Products Placer Machine shop to support mfg of ventilators, respirators, CPAP machines Michelle Stofan
GameBreaker West Lake Village Have access to a supply chain for making U.S. certified masks, and can have them produced and shipped quickly. Already done a deal with Hawaii. They also can do some other safety equipment. Michael Juels
General Motors & Ventec Life Systems National General Motors and Ventec Life Systems, in cooperation with, the nation's coordinated private sector response to COVID-19, are collaborating to enable Ventec to increase production of its respiratory care products to support our country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Ventec will leverage GM’s logistics, purchasing and manufacturing expertise to rapidly scale up production of their critically important ventilators and get them into hospitals as quickly as possible. GM will also continue to explore additional ways to help in this time of crisis. INPLAY
GNB Corporation Sacramento Valve manufacturer for the production of COVID test kits. Ken Harrison
Greene Soloutions El Dorado Machine shop to support mfg of ventilators, respirators, CPAP machines John Grover
Griffin Electric Sacramento Electrical Contractor. Capable of supporting construction of emergency hospitals, etc. Dan Griffin
Hardcraft Industries San Jose Would like to help with ventilator support - They are precision metal fabricators, with state of the art fiber laser cutting, punch cutting & forming, bending, CNC milling & turning, welding, painting, and assembly capability. They have a number of customers in the medical space for whom they produce tight-tolerance sheet metal parts along with CNC machined and welded parts and assemblies. Also provide mechanical engineering services. ISO9001 and ITAR registered. Have capacity and would like to help the cause. Brandt Kwiram
Harris & Bruno Roseville Have CNC equipment but their orders are slowing down. Would like to be manufacture something critical; but don’t know anything about ventilators, etc. Nick Bruno
Harveys Industries Santa Ana Potential for shift in manufacturing facility to make PPE masks. Has a vendor who they currently work with who can supply them with materials and they can get this implemented possibly by the end of the week. Jessica McNew
Hogan MFG Escalon Mainly manufacture transit ramps for the disabled, but have the capability to make just about anything metal. They don’t work with plastics or other materials, but if there is any need for metal parts for medical devices or hospital support, they can contribute. David Brimlow
Irvin Products State of Michigan Primarily an automotive supplier with the bulk of business being automotive seat cover sewing. Also support non-automotive sewing business in the fields of other transportation, webbing based sewing, and other contract sew requests. Have 4 cut and sew production facilities with 3,000+ sewing machines, 23 CNC cutters and supporting labor ready to help with manufacturing needs. Capacity will vary as we navigate these unprecedented times. A Michigan based company, but with these available resources they want to extend a helping hand to all in need. Lindsey Gates
IDD Process & Packaging, Inc. Moorpark IDD can fabricate pretty much anything that is needed in stainless steel or aluminum. Can also do control panel equipment manufacture with UL certification. Jeff Gunn
Kratos Technologies Folsom Carbon Fiber Composites mfg/Large Defense Contractor of Unmanned Aerial Drones Mel Bailey
Master Industries Santa Ana They make bowling equipment but have now completely repurposed and are currently making safety masks. Donna McDermott
Matter Hackers Southern CA Matter Hackers has built a website to identify and enlist companies who can engage in the additive manufacturing process to make ventilators and other needed medical equipment. MatterHackers is a supplier/distributor of 3D printing equipment and supplies. Matter Hackers
Merrills Packaging Burlingame Can make accessory parts. Can quickly make the face shields that are needed. Can help with thermoformed product, extruded product, injection molded product and also with machined aluminum needs. Can turn from design to manufacturing fairly quickly. Have capacity and can make local bay area deliveries. We have been working during this crisis. We are a ISO 13485 (medical) certified manufacturer. Leslie Lopez
Microform Precision Sacramento Sheet metal work manufacturing. Capable of working with respirator/ventilator, CPAP mfrs. Tim Rice
Monster City Studios Fresno Looking for ways to use their moldmaking and 3D printing capabilities to help. We could 3D print masters for frames and then cast them in pretty large quantities. Have a shop staff of 20 that could put castings which, if they use quick cure resin, they could easily cast a few hundred an hour. I just wanted to get on your list if there are any possible manufacturing needs. James A Powell
Nemat Inc. Madera A contract medical equipment manufacturing company. Can do many different things for these needs. Mike Nemat
Neiman & Company Van Nuys Custom job shop (signage) & licensed contractors with about 28 employees. In house work includes metals (all), wood, acrylics, glass. Have in house paint booth, digital printing to substrate capability, in house fabricators & assemblers. Right now, still busy, but we are prioritizing any orders for hospitals and medical offices. Camile Carr-Ramirez
PacFul Sacramento Owner of vacant warehouse space for use Vince Lepera
Parallax Rocklin Have two vertical CnC mills available as well as a Co2 laser cutter. Also, If needed we have a full production line for pcb Manufacturing. Ken Glass
PrePlastics Auburn Working with local groups to provide molded frames for face shields. Katie Kuhl
Pro-Lok Orange Southern California manufacturing facility could potentially produce components needed for emergency items. Their CNC mills and lathe can work with materials such as aluminium, brass, stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, titanium to produce critical parts. Adam Duberstein
Pride Industries Roseville ProPlas Plastics Tony Lopez
ProPlas Plastics West Sacramento Plastics manufacturer. Has developed a face shield that can be laser cut without foam. . Working to ramp up production to 20k/day. In discussions w/ Sutter Health. Jeramie Jones
RCM Meters Concord Manufacturer of instrumentation. Have both machining and assembly operations and would be happy to repurpose some or all of their operations to help California and the country meet the covid19 crisis. Tim Adams
Quality Craft Magalia Biomedical and custom injection molding Jeff Fuller
Springboard Sacramento Plastics manufacturer. Has developed a face shield that can be laser cut without foam. . Working to ramp up production to 20k/day. In discussions w/ Sutter Health. Glen Shrigley
Sciton Palo Alto Offering its FDA-compliant facility that currently manufacturers FDA-approved laser devices. Could assist in making respirators, ventilators, masks etc. Zachary Miller
Sleeping Bear Capital San Mateo They own a fuel cell manufacturer with 50,000 square ft. facility with an industrial laser cutter, laser welder, CNC milling machine, ovens for curing, and other equipment. Ranvir Gujral
Superior Food Machinery Santa Fe Springs Interested in repurposing some of their food machinery manufacturing, but are unsure about how they can help. Karen Peach
Temptron Engineering Canoga Park Interested but need guidance on how their thermal tubing manufacturing can be helpful. Tim Phierry
Tesla Fremont Working with Governor on ventilator production. Donating N95 masks too. INPLAY
Texollini Long Beach Manufacture circular knit textiles for all markets including safety, industrial and military. Some of these fabrics may be utilized for masks, gowns, scrubs, etc. and can have certain qualities such as antimicrobial and flame retardant. Limor Shalom
Tri Tool Rancho Cordova Could offer facility space, production personnel resources and potentially engineering resources. Indirectly, can support with build to specification machined parts and assemblies (both mechanical and electromechanical). Standard product line could be helpful with any facility construction or maintenance needs. Also offer custom engineering solutions with machining applications. Have field service teams also available to assist with any on site machining / welding needs. Extensive list of manufacturing partners to tap into, in the event Tri Tool cannot directly help. James Laystrom
Westec Plastics Livermore Has ISO Class 6, 7, & 8 cleanrooms. We are certified ISO 13485 and approved suppliers for many large medical companies. Currently, we have the bandwidth to help support with burst manufacturing needs to help fight the coronavirus crisis. Tammy Barras
Valet Custom Cabinets Campbell A cabinet manufacturing firm, with two CNC operated panel routers as well as an automated beam saw. Interested in exploring the repurposing route should a need arise to manufacture: Hospital bed platforms, Storage cabinets/carts, Cut stock pieces of wood for infrastructure, anything needed. Have about 20,000 square feet of operating capacity. Scott Heeb
Wisoman Foods Hayward They manufacture food (tortillas & flatbreads) but have extra space to make masks. Would need aa little guidance on how to make masks or PPE though. Sonal Rajyaguru
Wrex Products Chico Plastics extrusion manufacturer can help. Jim Barnett


Autodesk San Francisco Providing a list of manufacturing courses, available for free on Autodesk Design Academy. These courses guide learners through key manufacturing concepts, while developing technical proficiency. Six online courses include over 85 hours of video content, assessments, challenge assignments, and step-by-step guides. Each course is aligned to in-demand roles and skills to prepare learners for the latest industry trends like computer aided manufacturing (CAM). See list at link to right. CMTA will be working with Autodesk throughout this crisis to help upskill the State’s manufacturers. Autodesk