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CA Manufacturers To Meet Unprecedented COVID19 Challenge

 March 24, 2020 

Sacramento, CA -- California Manufacturers & Technology Association President Lance Hastings issued the following statement today regarding California manufacturing safety and capacity during the COVID19 crisis:

"Governor Newsom’s swift and sure leadership, transparency and candor during the COVID19 crisis is greatly appreciated.

With 'stay-at-home' orders in effect across the State, we want to assure California that, by adapting to strict health guidelines and social distancing, California’s essential manufacturing and supply chain are operational, and will continue to be for as long as feasible. The COVID19 pandemic has created a crisis unlike anything America has ever faced, but California’s economic force and ability to adapt can drive not only our recovery but has also set a national standard for operating under this crisis.

CMTA’s second of two surveys on manufacturing operations and capacity during the coronavirus showed that 76 percent of our manufacturers are open and operating at above 50 percent capacity, while confirming their strict distancing and health protocols.

There will be severe ripple effects in our economy and deep impacts to the safety of our communities if our supply chain and manufacturing sector is effectively shut down. Our success depends on the adaptive and operational aspect of our manufacturing community. Manufacturers will continue to keep our employees as safe as possible, all while making essential products or repurposing to help supply the country with specific COVID19 materials.

California is a world-leader in innovation and we are keenly positioned to modify and pivot at breakneck speed. This is California’s moment to show the world how cutting-edge innovation combined with the human spirit can lead us out of this crisis and to a prosperous future.”


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