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Gov. Newsom appoints CMTA leader to represent manufacturing on Future of Work Commission

 Aug. 30, 2019 Sacramento, CA — The California Manufacturers & Technology Association is proud to announce today’s Gubernatorial appointment of CMTA President Lance Hastings to California’s inaugural "Future of Work Commission."

One of 21 members on the Commission, Hastings will be tasked with representing California's 1.3 million manufacturing workers and their employers to ensure that the State maximizes and creates every opportunity to upskill workers for the rapidly changing and highly technical workplace in our production facilities.

“I am so pleased to represent the manufacturing community in one of the most important endeavors the state will take on over the next decade,” said Hastings. "Delivering new and highly technical skills to workers and students of all levels will put our state on a path to economic opportunity and stability, and usher in the next century of groundbreaking production in California. It won’t be easy because it will require new ways of thinking, but we must take action now to prepare for the rapid rise of new innovation, advances in technology and an economic transformation that will affect the very core of our great State."

The Commission will be tasked with making recommendations to help California leaders think through the creation of inclusive, long-term economic growth and ensure workers and their families share in that success. The executive order establishing the Commission states,

“The Future of Work Commission’s primary mission shall be to study, understand, analyze, and make recommendations regarding the kinds of jobs Californians could have in the decades to come; the impact of technology on work, workers, employers, jobs and society; methods of promoting better job quality, wages, and working conditions through technology; modernizing worker safety net protections; and the best way to preserve good jobs, ready the workforce for the jobs of the future through lifelong learning, and ensure shared prosperity for all.”

CMTA's Board Chair and A-B Region Vice President of Government Affairs Melissa Ameluxen chimed in on the exciting appointment.  "To brew great beer at Anheuser-Busch, we need great brewers and engineers on our team,” said Ameluxen. “There are tremendous opportunities in the manufacturing sector for technically skilled workers now and in the future. Lance is a great appointment to the commission to represent the entire manufacturing community and to help deliver new strategies to assist and upskill our 21st Century workers."

Today’s manufacturing process is one of highly customized products, often computer generated, delivered at just the right time to just the right place from a clean and safe environment, with immediate digital feedback on those products for consumer interaction and improvement. “The basics of mass production are mostly being done by automation now,” concluded Hastings. "Workers are either fixing those machines or working on something highly technical, customized or evolutionary in the facility’s process. It’s a whole new world and it’s time for big changes to teach, train and create opportunities for California families to lead the future of work."


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