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Manufacturers launch "I Make CA" spotlight campaign

 Aug. 19, 2019 The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) is launching its "I Make CA" campaign today, designed to spotlight the many opportunities that manufacturing workers enjoy in the different regions of the state, and the tremendous pride they have in their careers and work product.

Kicking off today in front of Gov. Newsom’s office with five posters, CMTA intends to display posters eventually in all of California's legislative offices with their local manufacturing workers.

CMTA is featuring faces and quotes this week from Anheuser-Busch (Fairfield - AD 11, SD 3), California Custom Fruits and Flavors (Irwindale - AD 48, SD 22), Tri Tool (Rancho Cordova - AD 8, SD 8 ), International Paper (Elk Grove - AD 7, SD 6 ), and Titans of CNC (Rocklin - AD 6, SD 1).

"It is striking the amount of pride that manufacturing workers display when discussing their careers,” said CMTA President Lance Hastings. “They make it clear that, along with exciting innovation and technology, these jobs provide families with opportunities that often lead to home ownership, lifelong improvements, and very comfortable retirements. The success of our Making California agenda depends on driving this powerful message of manufacturing to all of our lawmakers."

After this week, CMTA will deliver versions of these five posters, and others, to the respective legislative district offices to display proudly in their offices. “Over time we intend to blanket the Capitol so all staff and legislators can see the pride of these fine workers, the greatness of manufacturing growth, and the need for competitive policies to support new investment,” concluded Hastings.

Worker quotes

  • Rachel Wrzek - Brewing Engineer - Anheuser-Busch  -- "It is so exciting to work for Anheuser-Busch in Fairfield California. Engineering and producing high quality beers in a facility that will soon be powered by 100% renewable electricity has been an amazing opportunity. The prospects at A-B provide me with a salary and a career that would be hard to find outside of the manufacturing sector."
  • Christian Valencia - Supply Chain Material Handler - CCFF -- "If it weren’t for California Custom Fruits and Flavors I would not have a secure, steady job to provide for my family here in California. I started out in the production department, and was given the opportunity to work on the logistic side of the company. I’m very proud of what I do here at CCFF."
  • Jeff Hughes - CNC Machinist - Titans of CNC -- "I had been trying to get out of the bartender trade for a long time. With zero experience, Titans of CNC hired me and trained me to operate cutting edge multi-axis CNC machines. Now the future opportunities in this trade are endless for me."
  • Melissa Spencer - Orbital Welding Systems Specialist - Tri Tool -- "As a third generation welder I take great pride in my work, and in knowing that every day I flip my welding hood down, I am helping to create something new."
  • Antonio Amezcua - Lift Truck Driver - International Paper -- "I am so proud to have worked for International Paper for many years. It’s provided me with tremendous career growth and opportunities that are hard to find in other sectors."


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The California Manufacturers & Technology Association, celebrating its Centennial Anniversary this year, has advocated for pro-growth laws and regulations before the California legislature and administrative agencies since 1918. Total output from manufacturing in California is $288 billion per year, 10 percent of the total economic output of the state. Manufacturers employ 1.3 million California workers paying wages more than $25,000 higher than other non-farm employers in the state. twitter: @cmta

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