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End-of-session push on 'Making CA' manufacturing agenda

 Aug. 5, 2019 Sacramento, CA -- The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) announced today, one week before the Legislature goes back in session, that the "Making California" policy agenda has 11 remaining bills that will require attention in the closing weeks of hearings and floor votes. After recording numerous manufacturing policy successes in the first half of the year, there are now four "MFG Makers", including two sponsor bills, and seven "MFG Breakers" that remain.

CMTA's "Making California" agenda is specifically designed to improve the state's competitiveness for new manufacturing investment. All total there have been 21 bills that have been on the list at various times this session (with AB 824, SB 749, and AB 51 being recently added).

"We have seen significant movement in the Legislature this year to support policies to help manufacturing grow and invest in California," said CMTA president Lance Hastings. "This is when it really gets difficult though and it's an opportunity for legislators to show their true support for the tremendous opportunity of manufacturing. Let's send a signal that it will be safe to make long-term manufacturing investments in the great State of California."

Some of the worst bills that have made it this far include banning, and even criminalizing, arbitration in employment disputes (AB 51), removing protections for manufacturers' trade secrets (SB 749), and companion bills that grant unfettered authority to require all single-use plastic products to be compostable or recyclable by 2030 (AB 1080 and SB 54).

Among CMTA's sponsored bills are a workforce training coordination bill (AB 23 by Assemblywoman Autumn Burke) and a local investment incentive program for manufacturers (AB 1248 by Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia).

Other successful "Maker" bills include an extension of tax credits for manufacturers using new and innovative technologies or implementing recycling programs (SB 1583 by Assemblymember Eggman) and a school bond for new career technical education facilities (AB 48 by Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell).

"Our agenda is laser focused on workforce development and economic development for manufacturers," concluded Hastings. "I say to any policymaker - As the largest manufacturing state in the country, let's go get our share of the national manufacturing resurgence and grow career opportunities for our middle class."

You can see the list of all remaining "Maker" and "Breaker" bills HERE.


What are Makers and Breakers?

"Manufacturing Maker" bills directly improve manufacturing competitiveness by removing barriers to operational compliance, long term investment, and/or talent acquisition. They will help keep California's manufacturing industry at the forefront of global leadership and innovation.

"Manufacturing Breaker" bills significantly alter production and/or increase operational costs in a way that lead to lost revenue, job reduction and an inability to effectively compete. These bills often disregard scientific evidence, underestimate economic impacts, or interfere with markets by picking technology winners and losers.

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