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Manufacturing competitiveness gaining momentum in Legislature

“Making California” turns to 2nd half of session with 11 successes so far

 May 31, 2019 

Sacramento, CA — At the halfway mark of this year's legislative session, the California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) recorded 11 "Making California" policy wins, including two substantial CMTA sponsored bills.

CMTA’s "Making California" agenda is specifically designed to improve the state's competitiveness for new manufacturing investment. There are 18 bills that comprised the agenda and four of the supported "Maker" bills moved from one legislative house to the next and seven of the opposed “Breaker” bills failed to proceed to the next house for this year.

"These mid-year results show that many policymakers are fighting hard for California’s manufacturing competitiveness," said CMTA president Lance Hastings. "They see that the sector creates a wave of extraordinary opportunity in their districts and extensive economic growth throughout the state. The California promise of manufacturing is thriving in the Capitol, and this momentum will be key in the next few months to accomplishing meaningful policies for substantial new investment."

Among the sponsored bills are a workforce training coordination bill (AB 23 by Assemblywoman Autumn Burke) and a local investment incentive program for manufacturers (AB 1248 by Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia).

Other successful "Maker" bills include an extension of a tax credit for manufacturers using new and innovative technologies (SB 162 by Senator Cathleen Galgiani) and a school bond for new career technical education facilities (AB 48 by Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell).

Seven "Breaker" bills were either shelved or failed to pass because they were too onerous on California manufacturers, but there are four still making their way through the legislative process. Among the four, a requirement that all single-use plastics and other packaging materials be recyclable or compostable, a mandated safety warning on soda beverages, and a requirement to provide unemployment benefits to striking employees.

You can see the list of all "Maker" and "Breaker" bills and outcomes HERE.



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