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Manufacturers Release Second Half of “Making California” Legislative Agenda with “Manufacturing Breakers” bill list

 May 1, 2019 SACRAMENTO, CA -- The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) released the second half of its 2019 “Making CA” legislative agenda today with its annual list of “Manufacturing Breaker" bills. The list of nine bills provides the most critical legislation for policymakers to either amend or stop to support California's manufacturing industry. 

“Manufacturing growth can only occur if our policymakers pave the way for a competitive environment for production investment,” said CMTA President Lance Hastings. “California's vast amount of R&D and innovation must translate to bolts in the ground for facilities that employ workers that actually make the products we design.  California's entire economy wins when manufacturing facilities are sited and retained within our borders. These breaker bills have serious flaws and they send a strong signal that California is disinterested in the small and large scale manufacturing investments occurring across the country."

The state's overall job growth is pacing the country but California manufacturing job growth lags behind the rest of the country's manufacturing resurgence.  This year’s “Breaker” bills include new California-specific costs, employee leave regulations, product bans, labeling mandates, new litigation channels and more that, if passed, will make it more difficult to make long term manufacturing investments in the state and grow high wage jobs.

Principally “Manufacturing Breaker" bills significantly alter production and/or increase operational costs in a way that lead to lost revenue, job reduction and an inability to effectively compete. These bills often disregard scientific evidence, underestimate economic impacts, or interfere with markets by picking technology winners and losers.

Legislators' votes on CMTA’s “Making CA” legislative agenda will be the foundation of CMTA's annual Champions Legislative Vote Record.


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