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Manufacturers Release First Half of "Making California" Legislative Agenda with "Manufacturing Makers" bill list

 April 23, 2019 SACRAMENTO, CA -- The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) released the first half of its 2019 “Making CA” legislative agenda today with its annual list of “Manufacturing Maker" bills. The list of seven bills provides a forward path for our state legislators to champion a growing California manufacturing economy.

“Workforce and economic development are the essential bedrocks of manufacturing growth,” said CMTA President Lance Hastings. “In today’s hyper-efficient and cutting edge global markets, regional manufacturing can’t grow without a skilled technical workforce and competitive operating environments. With this list, California legislators have a clearer view of how they can grow high wage manufacturing jobs and world class production facilities in their communities.”

“Maker" bills directly improve manufacturing competitiveness by removing barriers to operational compliance, long term investment, and/or talent acquisition. The batch of legislation will help keep California's manufacturing industry at the forefront of global leadership and innovation.

This year’s “Maker” bills include proposals for new staff at the state’s economic development arm GO-Biz to coordinate workforce development and target economic development programs, new funding for career technical education, new worker training tax credits, the creation of a statewide economic development plan, and an extension and reform of a sales tax credit for next generation technologies.

The second half of CMTA’s “Making CA” legislative agenda comprises California’s “Manufacturing Breaker" bills and they will be announced in early May. They significantly alter production and/or increase operational costs in a way that lead to lost revenue, job reduction and an inability to effectively compete. These bills often disregard scientific evidence, underestimate economic impacts, or interfere with markets by picking technology winners and losers.

Legislators' votes on CMTA’s “Making CA” legislative agenda will be the foundation of CMTA's annual Champions Legislative Vote Record.



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