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Manufacturers launch annual "MFG Maker and Breaker" bill list

 April 25, 2018 Sacramento, CA -- The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) has released its first annual list of "MFG Maker and Breaker" bills. The list provides a way for the public and our state legislators to learn how they can champion a growing California manufacturing economy.

"The bills on this list will make a difference in how manufacturers will decide their next hiring, relocation or expansion decisions," said CMTA President Dorothy Rothrock. "We want legislators to have a clear view of how their votes will impact, for better or worse, the high wage manufacturing jobs and investments in their communities."

"Maker" bills will encourage innovation, new investments and job creation by streamlining regulations, reducing risks and minimizing costs. They also address manufacturers' needs for skilled workers, reliable and affordable energy, up-to-date transportation systems and other infrastructure.

"Breaker" bills discourage innovation, new investments and job creation by imposing burdensome regulations, labor rules, taxes and other policies that increase risks and make manufacturers less competitive. These bills often disregard scientific evidence, underestimate economic impacts, or interfere with markets by picking technology winners and losers.

Legislators' votes on these bills will be the foundation of CMTA's annual Champions Legislative Vote Record.

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