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Manufacturers take positions on California's June 2018 ballot measures

 April 4, 2018 Sacramento, CA -- The California Manufacturers & Technology Association has taken three support positions on the following measures on the June 5, 2018 ballot:

Proposition 69:  Support

This measure requires revenues raised from the sale of transportation fuel (the Transportation Improvement Fee) to be used for transportation related purposes and would, through an amendment to the state’s constitution, prevent a diversion of those funds by future legislatures.  CMTA supports the measure because there is a strong nexus between the source of this revenue and the purpose to improve transportation infrastructure. This measure to prevent diversion will enhance the public trust in government and tax policy.    

Proposition 70: Support

Revenues raised through the climate change program (cap-and-trade) will likely reach billions of dollars in the next decade.  Every consumer in California’s economy will be contributing to the funds, and the impact of both collections and expenditures will be significant. This measure requires a one-time two-thirds vote threshold for an expenditure plan in 2024.   CMTA supports the measure to require more than just a majority vote to ensure that the plan reflects the needs of all California communities, and to promote broad public support for the operation of cap-and-trade as a major component for reaching our climate change goals.

Proposition 71: Support

This measure allows additional time in the election process to count absentee and vote-by-mail ballots before enactment of initiatives or referenda.  CMTA supports the measure to ensure that a true and correct implementation of ballot measures occurs. 

CMTA's president Dorothy Rothrock made the following statement regarding the propositions:

"CMTA's ballot measure positions reflect our goals to encourage state manufacturers to make new investments and create high wage jobs.  Voters making thoughtful decisions at the ballot box will support a competitive business climate so that California can fully participate in the resurgence of manufacturing in the US.”


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