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CA manufacturers kick off the next century with new look and new leadership

Will Debut operation and celebrate Centennial on January 23

 Jan. 8, 2017 Sacramento, CA -- One hundred years after the California Manufacturers & Technology Association opened its doors, CMTA is reigniting the fight to grow manufacturing and help propel California into a prosperous future.

During our 2018 Centennial Anniversary we will be celebrating California’s innovation and nation leading manufacturing growth since John Millar of California Cotton Mills and four other companies founded the Association in 1918.

"We became builders of the West back then and now we are builders of the World," said CMTA President Dorothy Rothrock. "California still leads the nation but the rest of the country is picking up steam for manufacturing growth. To stay number one we need to make California the best place to manufacture products.

CMTA has moved to a new location and has adopted an updated logo to reflect the lean and technologically-advanced manufacturing industry. New leadership includes Board Chairman Melissa Ameluxen from Anheuser Busch who takes over for Sarah O'Neill-Bouton with Shell Oil Company, who will now guide the Executive Committee.

"As a manufacturer with 2,500 employees in California Anheuser-Busch is so excited for the future of CMTA and California manufacturing," said Ameluxen. "The new modern feel of CMTA and a revitalized operation sets up manufacturers for success in our State Capitol."

CMTA has a dynamic team of experienced lobbyists ready to tackle policies that will make California a great place to invest and build facilities. We've added a new legislative Technology Committee to deal with quickly evolving challenges in innovation, privacy and new technologies.

Inspiring manufacturers and connecting them to their communities and policymakers will be a priority for CMTA in the coming years. CMTA has new tools powered by Digital Democracy and an opt-in text based program to make engaging the Capitol easier for the manufacturing community.

CMTA also has a new $1 million Employment Training Panel grant to skill-up California's manufacturing workforce and we are revitalized by our new partnerships with regional groups and their programs to train the 21st Century factory worker.

CMTA has additionally partnered with the National Association of Manufacturers on the new online Manufacturers Marketplace so California manufacturers can be more easily found and connect with other manufacturers in the supply chain.

CMTA's new operation at 1121 L St., Suite 700, Sacramento CA 95814 will be debuted at our Welcome Back Open House for the Legislature and Centennial Celebration on January 23 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Press is invited, but must RSVP to Geri Royer at or 916-498-3330.


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