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CMTA vote record reveals legislative champions for manufacturing competitiveness in California

 Oct. 12, 2016 Sacramento, CA -- Today the California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) released its 2016 Manufacturing Vote Record for the state's 120 legislators. It identifies action taken on the nine most important floor votes in the Assembly and Senate.

You can download the 2016 Manufacturing Vote Record here showing that 49 legislators, including Democrats and Republicans, support California manufacturers on more than half the bills.

"CMTA thanks the many legislators who understand the importance of California's innovative manufacturers and the good jobs they create in the state," said CMTA President Dorothy Rothrock. "As the most advanced and energy efficient manufacturing economy in the world, it should be a high priority to make California competitive for new manufacturing investments to meet our ambitious state economic and environmental goals."

CMTA notes that there were many important manufacturing votes, on the floor and in policy committees, not included in this analysis. The bills included in the Vote Record represent the industry priority bills that received one or more floor votes during the year.

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