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California manufacturers: Unfinished climate change policy jeopardizes manufacturing jobs and investments

 Sept. 8, 2016 Sacramento, CA -- California Manufacturers & Technology Association President Dorothy Rothrock issued the following statement today regarding Gov. Jerry Brown's signing of SB 32 and AB 197:
"The signing of SB 32 and AB 197 sets in motion another ambitious California-only climate change policy while failing to provide the most affordable way to achieve the new 2030 goal. The new laws do not authorize a well-designed cap and trade program to minimize costs and protect consumers and businesses. Manufacturers already pay electricity, natural gas and transportation fuel costs far above the national average, putting manufacturing jobs and investments at risk. Setting a dramatic, new GHG emission reduction goal without providing cost-effective and technologically feasible options as were required in original AB 32 legislation contributes to an already challenging business environment for manufacturers. Lawmakers should get back to work immediately to ensure that we can achieve the SB 32 goal while protecting California jobs and the economy."

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