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On MFG Day manufacturers recognize one of many California Champion companies

Tri Tool out of Rancho Cordova is providing high quality jobs and skills within a cutting edge industry, and supporting California's economy.

 Oct. 2, 2015 

Sacramento, CA - Today, on National Manufacturing Day, the California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) announced its eighth Manufacturing Champion, Tri Tool out of Rancho Cordova, by releasing a recognition video that highlights the company's positive impact on its employees and our economy.

CMTA's Champions recognition program honors positive contributions by manufacturing companies who are committed to California and exemplify the high principles of economic growth, innovation, entrepreneurship, and commitment to their employees. CMTA honored seven Champions last year and the Association continues to use the program to demonstrate the sector's incredible impact on the economy. Tri Tool's operations were a perfect fit for the recognition program, as you'll see in the video.

"Tri Tool's visionary product and growth in the region exemplifies that California manufacturers are the best in the world," said CMTA president Dorothy Rothrock. "The impressive company is a source of pride for the region, for us at CMTA, and clearly for their fantastic workers."

Since 1972, Tri Tool Incorporated has been the world's leading engineering, manufacturing, sales and field construction services provider of precision portable machine tools, growing from just a few employees to 200 dedicated employees world-wide. Tri Tool employs and trains craftsmen, machinists and welders to make and provide services that can go deep underground, water or space to repair piping systems all over the world. Rather than bring the work piece to the machine shop, Tri Tool manufactures, in California, quality, portable machine tools you can take to the work site.

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CMTA - Gino DiCaro 916-498-3347
Tri Tool - Laurie Earl 916-288-6100

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