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California manufacturers comment on proposed 'split roll' property tax

 June 10, 2015 Sacramento, CA -- California Manufacturers & Technology Association president Dorothy Rothrock made the following comment today on a legislative proposal (Senate Constitutional Amendment 5) to put a measure before the voters to increase property taxes on industrial and commercial properties:

"Raising property taxes on California manufacturers would backfire to the detriment of California workers and weaken the state's finances. Manufacturers value the stable and predictable costs provided by current law, and industrial property is put to highly productive use in California to the benefit of our economy with 1.2 million high-wage manufacturing jobs.

The state already places high hurdles in front of manufacturers looking to make investments and hire more employees. Costs of doing business, including taxes, energy, workers' compensation and regulatory compliance make it very challenging to prosper in the state. California received only 2 percent of U.S. manufacturing investments in 2014 and 1.5 percent in 2013 while other states are enjoying a manufacturing renaissance.

SCA 5 sends a message to manufacturers that investing in California will become riskier and more costly. To protect California workers and encourage manufacturing investments, SCA 5 should be strongly opposed."


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