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California manufacturers on Gov. Brown's new greenhouse gas goals:

State can't reach carbon goals without the tools to reduce costs and compete

 April 29, 2015 Sacramento, CA -- California Manufacturers & Technology Association President Dorothy Rothrock made the following statement today regarding Gov. Jerry Brown's Executive Order to establish a state greenhouse gas reduction target of 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030:

"As our state continues its effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, California manufacturers are doing their part to improve the environment in spite of higher operational costs, including electricity costs that are 70 percent more expensive than the rest of the country. Prior to moving forward with new, aggressive goals, California elected officials must provide the tools that manufacturers and other sectors need to reduce emissions and stay competitive in a global economy.

"The current system is putting upward pressure on costs for manufacturers even though we have long been the most energy efficient in the country. Hurting California manufacturers will actually increase overall emissions in the U.S., so retaining and attracting new manufacturing investments in the state is absolutely critical to reducing global emissions.

"California can grow its economy and reduce its contribution to global climate change by making this program affordable and competitive. We should sync our targets with similarly stringent states and countries, free up carbon allowances already under the cap in the cap-and-trade system, create more legislative oversight of regulatory programs, add flexibility to the renewable power requirement and other mandates, and count the costs of existing policies with a long overdue independent economic impact analysis,

"Other states and nations will follow if we design policies that allow innovative and energy efficient manufacturers to grow and our economy to thrive. We urge the Legislature, the California Air Resources Board and other agencies to take the proper steps to protect our economy under the Governor's new goals and to ensure that other states eventually follow.


The California Manufacturers & Technology Association has advocated for pro-growth laws and regulations before the California legislature and administrative agencies since 1918. Total output from manufacturing in California is $230 billion per year, 10 percent of the total economic output of the state. Manufacturers employ 1.2 million California workers paying wages more than $25,000 higher than other non-farm employers in the state.

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