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Manufacturers underscore efficient water usage in importance to California's economy

 April 2, 2015 -- SACRAMENTO, CA -- California Manufacturers & Technology Association president Dorothy Rothrock issued the following statement today regarding the Governor's call for mandatory water use reductions:

"California manufacturers are concerned about the state's continuing drought conditions. Companies depend on water for a wide variety of industrial processes, environmental protection, and as an essential ingredient for many products. Adequate and affordable water supplies are crucial to keep manufacturing operations up and running and 1.2 million workers fully employed.

It has always made good economic sense for manufacturers to carefully manage their water use. For decades they have been investing in water-saving technologies and best-practices to significantly reduce water use. These investments help to make California companies more competitive by lowering their water supply bills and reducing costs of energy used in water treatment or disposal.

We look forward to working with the Governor, local water districts and regulators to address the drought with approaches that will support continued economic growth and prosperity."

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