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California manufacturers comment on bag ban referendum

 Feb. 24, 2015 SACRAMENTO -- Today California Manufacturers & Technology Association president Dorothy Rothrock commented on the qualification of a ballot measure to repeal SB 270 - a bill that passed in 2014 imposing both a plastic bag ban and a 10 cent fee on paper bags:

    "CMTA supports sensible policies to promote recycling and responsible waste management. SB 270 fails this test by imposing a ban on plastic bags rather than encouraging recycling, and by charging an unwarranted paper bag fee that will not go toward environmental protection.

    "This heavy-handed approach will likely cause manufacturing job losses, and thousands of small businesses and millions of working class Californians will be hurt by the new charges for paper grocery bags - as much as $700 million per year.

    "SB 270 also creates a blanket, statewide policy that limits local decision-making about the appropriate treatment for waste in each community.

    "For these reasons CMTA urges voters to reject SB 270.


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