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Manufacturers commend Gov. Brown's resolve, call for job and wealth creation

 Jan. 10, 2011 California Manufacturers & Technology Association president, Jack Stewart, made the following statement today regarding Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed 2011 California state budget:

"Closing the budget gap will not be easy. We commend Governor Brown for his efforts to achieve a long term solution.

Our dire circumstances stem from a poor economy and state policies that do not support new investment and hiring. It is projected that we will not recover jobs lost in the recession until 2016. That is too long to wait. Manufacturers urge state leaders to take steps to lower the costs of doing business and to make the regulatory climate more predictable and hospitable. California should lead the country out of the recession, not hold it back.

A healthy economy is the best solution for the broken budget. We look forward to working with Governor Brown to make California an engine of job and wealth creation again."

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