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The Economy and Jobs Matter -- Manufacturers endorse Sam Blakeslee in Senate District 15 Special Election

 Aug. 13, 2010 
Sacramento, CA -- The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) endorsed Sam Blakeslee today for California's August 17 special election to fill the seat of State Senate District 15. In a state that's bleeding jobs, fighting 12 percent unemployment, drowning in regulatory red tape, and suffering an unending $20 billion budget deficit, Blakeslee's leadership will be crucial in the 40-seat Senate.

"Our state budget problems will never be solved until we improve the business climate in California," said CMTA president Jack Stewart. "Only business expansion and employment will provide the state the foundation to fund important public services. Sam has been one of the state's strongest advocates for California taxpayers and workers throughout his career, and there is no reason this will change when he is elected to the Senate."

Blakeslee has garnered a manufacturing voting record above 90 percent since his original election to the Assembly in 2004, often taking on many tax-and-spend interest groups and fighting to make California businesses competitive again by tackling issues such as regulatory uncertainty and job-killing taxes.

"Plain and simple, Blakeslee possesses the strength, reason and pragmatism necessary to bring a sensible approach to the State Senate," concluded Stewart. "California does not belong in the country's 'economic cellar'. Now is the time to reverse California's long, downward economic slide by electing Sam Blakeslee to the California Senate."


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