Jarrell Cook

Senate commerce committee announces hearing to establish federal internet privacy regulations

By Jarrell Cook, Policy Director, Government Relations

Capitol Update, Feb. 8, 2019 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

On February 8, the Senate Commerce Committee announced that it would be holding a hearing on “Policy Principles for a Federal Data Privacy Framework in the United States” on February 27. The chair of the Committee, Senator Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi), stated that this hearing would be the first step towards a bipartisan privacy bill.

California manufacturers – as both users and producers of cutting-edge technology – should watch this measure closely and, if possible, seek to inform lawmakers on how issues of privacy and cybersecurity affect their operations. Federal legislation or regulation in the area of privacy could potentially preempt many of the provisions of California’s Consumer Privacy Act, as well as other recently enacted measures. CMTA opposed this state bill, AB 375, signed into law last year. Currently in the regulations process, it imposes new data collection, retention, and sharing requirements on manufacturers that either (a) serve California residents and have at least $25 million in annual revenue, (b) has collected personal data on at least 50,000 people, or (c) collects more than half of their revenues from the sale of personal data. Companies do not have to be in the state to be subjected to the law. 

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