Dawn Koepke

AB 2632 (Santiago) – MFG Maker heads to the Governor

By Dawn Koepke

Capitol Update, Sept. 4, 2018

CMTA is pleased to announce that Manufacturing Maker AB 2632 (Miguel Santiago, D-Los Angeles) related to slackfill passed both houses of the Legislature this week and is now headed to the Governor for his consideration. 

As you will recall, the bill provides further clarity regarding what constitutes permissible slackfill associated with product packaging. Early in the legislative process the bill was deemed a Manufacturing Maker as it would help reduce frivolous litigation associated with product packaging, thereby providing greater flexibility to support innovation, investment and jobs in the state. Amendments taken on the Senate Floor provide greater clarity and help address feedback from a number of district attorneys in the state who argued for a more streamlined approach in the language. 

We commend Assemblyman Santiago for his work on this important issue and urge the Governor to sign the measure when it is before him for his consideration.

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