ACE Clearwater brings MFG Day to Compton

By Michael Shaw

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ACE Clearwater Enterprises, an aerospace and power generation component manufacturer, opened the doors of its Compton facility for MFG Day 2017 and showed off some exciting technology to more than 300 high school students from as far away as Bakersfield, more than 120 miles away.

CMTA Vice President of Government Relations Michael Shaw joined ACE President Kelly Johnson and Manufacturing Institute Executive Director Carolyn Lee at the October 6th event that sets a high bar for all manufacturers to meet in 2018 for Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 5th. Celebrating manufacturing and the amazing products that California manufacturers make is a perfect way to engage young minds and plant the seed for a future employee.

Students had the opportunity to see elements of the manufacturing from design and prototyping through the hydroforming press and automated laser cutter to welding and inspection. ACE Clearwater employees were on hand to show the students how the work is done, but more importantly to talk about the career that manufacturing made possible for them. One ACE employee operating the laser-cutter talked with students about how he started with the company cleaning parts and in nine years has risen to be the lead operator at the Compton facility.

3-D printing is no longer a novelty in manufacturing. Students saw a 3-D printer from Stratasys 3D Printers in action printing prototype parts in plastic and learned that the 3-D printers are used to produce actual production pieces in metal. Universal Robots brought in a small robot arm that an operator would be able to easily program from a tablet and had safety features that made it aware of the world around it to prevent accidents.

The future manufacturing employees put their hands to work in various shop floor jobs, including welding on a Lincoln Electric Welding simulator that scored the students on performance and other tasks using a virtual reality system that tested hand-eye coordination. According to the welding simulator, a seventeen-year-old female student scored the highest grade with 90 out of 100 blowing away the competition.

Remember that your company can also be a part of Manufacturing Day as the 2018 date has been set for October 5th. Visit the MFG Day website for more detail on the 2017 events as well as tools to help start your 2018 planning.  

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