Nicole Rice

Manufacturing innovation thrives in the East Bay

By Nicole Rice, Policy Director, Government Relations

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Innovation, precision and excellence were on display at two Bay Area companies during this year’s Manufacturing Day. 

At ALOM, a woman-owned global supply chain management and logistics company in Fremont, CA, we witnessed the organizational precision necessary to ensure products are shipped out in a timely and efficient manner. The company played host to several groups of local students from middle school through community college demonstrating how the students’ interests and aptitudes can translate into a sustainable career.

Further up the highway is Scandic Springs, a small manufacturer that specializes in custom metal parts. It is the largest spring and stamping company in Northern California. Many of their employees have spent decades honing their craft and are eager to share their wisdom and experience with the next generation of manufacturing workers. It was impressive to meet some of the younger members of the Scandic “family” and hear the excitement they have for their newly-found careers. Consequently, some have even chosen to serve as “ambassadors” of the trade by reaching out to local students to share about the career opportunities in manufacturing.

Joining me on part of my MFG Day tour was Christine Baker, Director of the Department of Industrial Relations, and her Chief of Staff Janet Tsao. CMTA continues to partner with the Department on the development of an “on-the-job” training model that is flexible and applicable enough to be utilized by manufacturers. These events provided the perfect opportunity for Director Baker and Ms. Tsao to learn about the needs of our industry and the interests of the students.

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