Nicole Rice

CMTA to testify before the Senate Labor Committee

By Nicole Rice, Policy Director, Government Relations

Capitol Update, March 19, 2017

CMTA will appear before the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee this week on two measures:
SB 524 (Vidak – R, Hanford) will allow manufacturers to rely in good faith on the written advice received and published by the Labor Commissioner regarding the interpretation of the state’s labor laws and regulations.  This affirmative defense will prevent the assessment of penalties and fines when it is determined that a company’s noncompliance was based on an erroneous interpretation by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.  CMTA is pleased to support this bill.
SB 63 (Jackson – D, Santa Barbara) will impose a new 12-week mandatory leave policy on manufactures with as few as 20 employees.  As a “protected leave of absence,” the proposal removes all employer discretion to accommodate operational limitations and workforce needs resulting from concurrent employee absences.  Combined with the increased threat of costly litigation, CMTA has joined with other stakeholders from the business community to oppose this measure.
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