CMTA supports framework to address state workforce needs

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, March 14, 2013

SB 118 by Senator Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) creates a framework to get more workforce development dollars to those industries with the greatest labor needs. It requires the state Workforce Investment Board to utilize economic and labor market data to determine the job shortages in industries with growth potential. Based on that information, workforce investments will be directed towards training and educating workers to fill those positions. As an industry in need of highly-trained, skilled-based workers, CMTA supports this bill as a tool that could help meet the immediate and future needs of our industry.

SB 118 is a reintroduction of SB 1401 (Lieu) from last year, which CMTA also supported. That bill was held in the Assembly fiscal committee. SB 118 was heard this week in the Senate Labor Committee, which Lieu chairs. It passed with four aye votes and one abstention.

To review SB 118 (Lieu), click here:

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