CMTA member companies receive environmental excellence awards

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, Oct. 29, 2010

Vulcan Materials, Searles Valley Minerals, and at&t each received the Corporate Sustainability Award from the Industrial Environmental Association (IEA), CMTA and the Chemical Industry Council of California (CICC) last week at the annual environmental summit in San Diego.  More than 30 companies applied for the award.  The Corporate Sustainability Awards recognize long-term commitment to environmental excellence.

Vulcan Materials -- employing 1,200 employees in construction aggregates -- received its award for long-term commitment to sustainable industry practices as well as its annual sustainability report.  “We are honored to be recognized by the IEA for our strong commitment to sustainable practices,” said Brian Anderson, director of environmental, regulatory affairs and sustainable development for Vulcan’s Western Division, “This award is a testament to the excellent work our employees have done in implementing our Division sustainability plan and producing an annual report that is a benchmark for our industry.

Searles Valley Minerals -- providing minerals for glass, ceramics, animal feed, paper products, and others -- received its award for its greenhouse gas reduction program, reducing 14,500 tons of CO2 per year, by eliminating natural gas fired bleaching of soda ash by using a crystal habit modifier.

at&t -- received its award for dramatic reductions in energy intensity in its data networks and its vehicle fleets, as well as its aggressive recycling program.  

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