Gino DiCaro

CTE bill on Governorís desk

By Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications

Capitol Update, Sept. 17, 2010

A bill awaiting the Governor’s signature, AB 2446 (Warren Furutani, D-Long Beach), would provide students the option of taking a Career Technical Education (CTE) course to fulfill one of the 13 state mandated courses for high school graduation.

This bill represents a substantial step forward for those of us concerned about reinvigorating CTE in California schools to better prepare our workforce. CMTA, along with the GetREAL coalition, negotiated and lobbied this historic bill.

Get REAL (Relevance in Education and Learning), sponsored by CMTA, is a coalition of business, manufacturers, labor, agriculture, public safety, healthcare, child advocates and educators who believe California schools should provide a balanced education that includes challenging academic studies and career technical education for "hands-on" learning.

We encourage you to send a letter of support to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger supporting AB 2446. His deadline for signing bills is September 30th. To assist you, click here to see a Sample Letter.

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