Help promote a California Career Readiness Certificate

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, Sept. 4, 2009

The California Space Authority (CSA) is working with other industry clusters, to determine a recommendation about whether or not California should implement a statewide work and career readiness certificate (CRC) program. CMTA is helping to generate survey responses to determine a recommendation to the Governor.   It would be very helpful if you could respond to the brief survey here.

  • A CRC is a competency-based assessment and validation to indicate that the holder possesses skills employers are looking for in entry-level employees. This includes workplace scenarios that assess math, reading and "locating information" skills with an optional technical component assessing interdisciplinary electrical, mechanical, thermal and fluid foundational concepts in integrated workplace problem solving scenarios.
  • It is believed that a CRC will provide employers with accurate information about a job candidate's competencies and their readiness for jobs in the company. The CRC will allow employers to better predict a candidate’s performance, thus streamlining the hiring process and ultimately reducing employee turnover costs. The assessment can also identify areas of strengths and areas that need development for incumbent employees. The CRC represents a standardized and reliable indicator of workplace skill levels that can be recognized and used by employers throughout the state. It provides a means of using meaningful assessment results as a "bridge" between job applicants, incumbent workers, educators, training organizations, and the wide range of California’s businesses.
  • Seventeen states already have a CRC program. In addition, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and The Manufacturing Institute have a Skills Certification System which establishes career pathways for the nation's leading manufacturers. The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) also supports the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) concept and California already has eight separate regional CRC initiatives in various regions around the state.

Several 2008 California Department of Labor employer surveys have indicated that workforce and the shortage of qualified candidates, specifically technical talent, is the highest concern of a company’s success.

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