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Manufacturing Minute: Northrop Grumman Teaming Up with the U.S. Air Force

Find out California’s latest manufacturing news in the newest Manufacturing Minute episode with CMTA’s Vice President of Communications, Ananda Rochita. Manufacturing Minute is powered by Tri Tool Technologies.  ⚙️ Wisk is on its way to get its eVTOL Certification💫 ...

SacTown Talks: Interview with Lance Hastings

Sacramento, Calif. (SacTown Talks) – "Today, we welcome back to the program Lance Hastings, President and CEO of the California Manufacturers & Technology Association. We discuss artificial intelligence, the future of technology, California manufacturing, and...

ISO Certifications Leading to $250k in Tax Credits

Did you know that improving manufacturing processes can qualify for the Research and Development Tax Credit? IMSM, leading ISO specialists, has partnered with Strike Tax Advisory, a firm that enables all businesses to take advantage of the R&D tax credit with no...

Here’s How California’s Budget Deficit Impacts Manufacturers

Sacramento, Calif. – California's Governor Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday the state is facing a projected budget deficit of $37.86 billion. Here's what that means for the Golden State's manufacturers. Read the full budget summary for 2024-25 here. ### About CMTA The...

Press Release

CMTA’S President and CEO Releases Statement on Sacramento Homeless Crisis

Aug 8, 2022

Sacramento, Calif. – California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) President and CEO, Lance Hastings releases a statement in support of Sacramento area business leaders and groups on addressing Sacramento’s homeless crisis.

“Sacramento’s city and county leaders are on the cusp of advancing serious and meaningful measures for the thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness. Months, if not years, of negotiations and discussions have taken place with the myriad of concerned stakeholders and the time for action is now. All of us have a role to play to mitigate the social, cultural, economic and deeply personal effects that homelessness causes to those that do not have the certainty of housing, food, health and personal safety. If skills training is the barrier for some, the manufacturing sector stands ready to do our part to transition our unhoused population to a life that is characterized by more economic stability. As a society, let’s change the way we view homelessness and those who desperately require our collective help. Never has it been clearer that civic, business and government leaders must come together immediately to advance meaningful solutions. The entire Sacramento region deserves that.”

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