RELEASE: Manufacturers Release Maker/Breaker Bills for 2020

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, May 29, 2020


Sacramento, CA -- The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) released its "Making CA" legislative agenda today with its annual (updated 8/12/20) list of Manufacturing "Maker and Breaker" bills. The list of seven bills provides a forward path for our state legislators to champion a growing California manufacturing economy.

"The reasons for this list are simple, we must protect our sector's competitiveness and our State's ability to cultivate and enhance manufacturing," said CMTA President Lance Hastings. "Every additional cost or California-specific requirement adds another motive for manufacturing to go or grow elsewhere. Successful outcomes on these bills will send a signal to new investment and existing facilities that they can employ and operate long term in the State. The results will also be a critical factor in regaining California's manufacturing momentum that we enjoyed before the COVID-19 pandemic."

Manufacturing "Maker" bills directly improve manufacturing competitiveness and increase our production capacity. The batch of legislation will help keep California's manufacturing industry at the forefront of global leadership and innovation.

This year’s "Maker" bills include proposals for local and federal incentives and tools to attract new manufacturing.

Manufacturing "Breaker" bills would result in significant negative impacts on the manufacturing sector, including increased operational costs, job reductions, and/or reductions in our ability to remain competitive in the national and global economy. These bills often disregard scientific evidence, underestimate economic impacts, or interfere with markets by picking technology winners and losers.

The list of five "Breaker" bills provides the most critical legislation for policymakers to either amend or stop to support California's manufacturing industry. This year’s "Breaker" bills include new California-specific costs, employee leave regulations, loss of protections for trade secrets, workers‘ compensation presumptions, product bans, and new litigation channels, that if passed, will make it more difficult to make long term manufacturing investments in the state and grow high wage jobs.

"Our manufacturing community has fought hard recently to stay open under both the country’s critical infrastructure guidelines and California's robust supply chain needs, and it has underscored our need to defend against policies that make it hard to operate and employ workers in our great State," concluded Hastings. "With this list, California legislators have been given a roadmap to maintain and grow production facilities that bring revenue locally to their communities and to the State of California. We look forward to working with them.”

Legislators' votes on CMTA’s "Making CA" legislative agenda will be the foundation of CMTA's annual Champions Legislative Vote Record.




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