Bishop Wisecarver makes big impact at Future of Work Commission

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, Dec. 16, 2019

On December 12, in Los Angeles, CMTA's past Chairwoman Pamela Kan of Bishop-Wisecarver painted a crystal clear picture of what her company goes through to train workers, keep growing her operations and compete in today's tight global markets. 

"Let us grow," Kan opined when asked about challenges. "That's how I pay more and hire more workers."

"I love California. I want clean everything, but if I need to plate my product, I need to put it on a truck to Oregon and ship it back to Pittsburg, California." 

The lack of a flexible 40-hour work week was also underscored as a primary challenge for her operations. "It's too punitive without it," Kan said. "Everybody wants it, and an 8-hour work day is just not the way anyone operates anymore."

Bishop-Wisecarver's training operations were also front and center. They use Employment Training Panel funds from the state of California (with CMTA's assistance), an in-house training program they developed called Bishop-Wisecarver University, and apprenticeship type programs to create new skills for incoming workers and tremendous opportunities for working Californians.

Kan literally layed out the new narrative for manufacturing and brought a level of authenticity to the hearing that is rarely seen in these formal settings.  We encourage everyone to watch her comments.

You can see video of her testimony HERE.


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