CMTA-SCM Environmental Risk Management Program

Manufacturers in every sector are subject to risk and liability for environmental impairment. Typically, manufacturers that recognize this exposure to loss will purchase pollution insurance to cover environmental impairment losses that arise from their operations. CMTA realizes transferring/financing losses through insurance is not a complete solution. Working with our partner, SullivanCurtisMonroe, we emphasize risk management and have created the CMTA-SCM Environmental Risk Management Program.

Control and Transfer
A loss that never occurs has no cost. That seems simple enough, but is difficult to achieve without help. Accordingly, the CMTA-SCM Environmental Risk Management Program emphasizes loss prevention and loss reduction practices. We make the services of a national environmental engineering firm available to participants to help them identify exposures to loss and establish controls to prevent a loss occurrence from happening.

If a loss does occur, your CMTA-SCM Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) policy responds on both first party and third party claims.

Do we really need this?
You do if you own, lease or manage property. Even If you contract with a specialist to properly dispose of any waste product related to your operation, the exposure is present. The fact is, it's difficult not to have a pollution exposure.

Take some time to adequately protect your employees, the public and your company's assets. Click the link to our partner, SullivanCurtisMonroe, to learn more about how to protect your operation.