The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (formerly the California Manufacturers Association) works to improve and enhance a strong business climate for California's 30,000 manufacturing, processing and technology based companies. Since 1918, CMTA has worked with state government to develop balanced laws, effective regulations and sound public policies to stimulate economic growth and create new jobs while safeguarding the state's environmental resources. CMTA represents 400 businesses from the entire manufacturing community -- an economic sector that generates more than $288 billion every year and employs more than 1.3 million Californians.

CMTA Policy Principles

Our policies and practices define the behavior we expect from our organization, employees and suppliers. We always seek to provide a clear perspective on our operating practices while living up to our Purpose, Values and Principles.

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Professional Team

Our Sacramento-based professional staff has decades of experience advocating for and against bills and regulations that matter to you. Hundreds of manufacturers, large and small, already depend on us to protect their interests. You need us to help you compete.

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Why Join CMTA?

We fight to improve California laws and regulations so manufacturers like you can prosper in the state. Our success is helping your bottom line. We stop or fix hundreds of harmful bills each year and we support bills that reduce burdens on manufacturing.

Benefits of MembershipS


Countless millions of costs have been saved because CMTA fought against bills that would have imposed higher taxes and fees, and onerous labor, environmental and litigation rules. Learn how CMTA successes saves you money.

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History of CMTA

In 1918, the Manufacturers Committee of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce knew something had to be done. California’s Legislature was passing new tax laws with little or no resistance. Lawmakers piled costs upon costs to industry, with no seeming understanding of the free-enterprise system. It was time for manufacturers to have statewide representation and a voice in Sacramento.

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