CompWest Keeps Injured Workers at Work
 Nov. 18, 2010

People involved in managing workers’ compensation programs talk a lot about loss prevention and not much about loss reduction. Loss prevention is a good resource investment; the best way to control workers’ compensation costs is to not have work related injuries. But the reality is, work related injuries occur and when they do effective loss reductionprograms are the key to controlling loss costs.

Our workers’ compensation partner, CompWest, approaches disability management differently. While every other claims manager focuses on return-to-work, they guide their policyholders toward their Keep at Work Program and as a result their average claim cost is 38% below the industry average. This innovative approach to claims management by CompWest is one of the chief reasons CMTA selected them as our workers’ compensation partner.|

What is the purpose of a "Keep at Work Program"?
As an employer you can play a significant role in the recovery of an injured worker. The "Keep at Work program" is a proven way of decreasing an injured worker’s recovery time by allowing them to quickly and safely return to work with temporary work restrictions at the earliest medically allowable date and in accordance with their medical treatment plan.

The success of a "Keep at Work Program" is contingent on the employer’s commitment to the process which is accomplished through interaction and communication with the injured workers’ medical providers and your management team. The goal is to keep injured employees working and contributing through a specific process that ensures the injured worker receives prompt and proper medical care to immediately get them back to their current job or another form of a temporary work assignment.

What are the Benefits of a "Keep at Work Program" for CompWest Policyholders?

  • Reduction in claim and overall Workers’ Compensation costs
  • The "Keep at Work Program" utilizes recovery period to maintain productivity
  • Reduction in operating costs; you avoid hiring and training new employees
  • Demonstrates a culture that encourages the injured worker to return to the workplace
  • Helps retain skilled and valuable workers
  • Illustrates value of the employee to the workplace Keeps your employees connected and working
  • Promotes employee morale in the workplace
  • Reduction in workers’ compensation fraud Promotes compliance with ADA and FEHA

  • What are the Benefits of a "Keep at Work Program" for your employees/injured worker?
  • Injured worker continues to work and has job stability
  • Injured worker continues to earn their regular paycheck and maintain their benefits
  • "Keep at Work Program" provides job site rehabilitation which accelerates injured workers’ recovery while minimizing disruption to normal routine
  • Leave time and benefit balances are preserved Injured worker ability, instead of disability, is the focus
  • Productive use of abilities maintains self-esteem and their value to the organization is recognized
  • Workplace social contacts are maintained Controlled environment minimizes risk of re-injury

  • Take control! Reduce claims costs and you will reduce the cost of workers’ compensation. Learn how CompWest and Keep at Work can help you get there. Contact CMTA WC group at (916) 498-3340 or


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