Loss control is your resource
 Sept. 27, 2013

There is a common misconception that only large companies practice risk management. After all, they are complex operations with many exposures to loss. Additionally, those large companies have resources available to develop risk management programs. In reality every organization practices some form of risk management, regardless of their size and complexity.

What is risk? For our purposes risk is the chance of loss or no loss. In the area of work-related injuries this means an injury that results in the need to provide benefits (loss) or avoiding injury altogether (no loss). Risk management can practically be described as the process of protecting organization assets through the identification and analysis of exposures to loss, developing strategies to control those exposures and monitoring the results of those control strategies. There is another element that addresses the financing of loss, but since we're going to assume that was addressed through the purchase of insurance were going to focus on controlling exposures to loss.

As a CompWest policyholder participating in the CMTA group program you have risk management and loss control resources available to you at no additional cost. How you use them to protect your operation, your employees and your assets is largely up to you. CompWest offers its policyholders services that include:

  • Safety consultation
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Training
  • Safety materials/handouts
  • Videos/DVD's
  • If CompWest's Loss Control department hasn't contacted you yet, contact them! CompWest encourages policyholders to be pro-active regarding loss prevention. It's better to have Loss Control provide you with free workplace safety direction than having Cal/OSHA inspectors come in and assess costly citations.

    CompWest and CMTA are here to help you. Invite your Loss Control consultant to do a mock Cal/OSHA walkthrough of your facility or a mock audit of your safety record keeping. This ensures you are compliant should Cal/OSHA arrive to inspect your operation. Both CompWest and CMTA welcome the opportunity to evaluate your Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) annually. We'll audit the program to assure you have covered all required elements and are in compliance with Cal/OSHA.

    Recognizing that circumstances often dictate the need for changes to your facility, process or equipment you should consult with CompWest's Loss Control Department for optimal safety and ergonomics benefit.

    CompWest can also help you with safety meetings. Invite your CompWest Loss Control consultant to speak with your supervisors about their safety responsibility and how workers' compensation claims impact the bottom line. They are valuable resources when there is a need to help supervisors and managers understand the importance of controlling your workers' compensation costs. You can also ask your Loss Control Consultant to attend your next safety committee meeting. They can often generate new ideas for meeting the organization's safety objectives.

    Sometimes you just need support materials. Consider regularly checking the CompWest website for safety materials and regulation updates. Also, the Cal/OSHA website is user friendly and was recently updated. Checkout their free publications, toolkits and videos.

    There is an old axiom about risk: an accident that never occurs has no cost. Work related injuries are costly and have wide ranging effects. Use all of the resources available to help you manage your risk.


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