Breaking Accidents Down Can Build Up Your Loss Prevention Program
 March 27, 2012

Understanding the cause and nature of accidents is critical to developing an effective loss prevention program. Often times these analyses are complex. They detail the most intricate factors in a given accident that resulted in a work-related injury. In reality a very simple evaluation, (that can be completed in about 10 minutes) is all that is needed to reveal elements in a given work activity that should be addressed in order to avoid accidents in the future (or reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring in the future).

In the past, we've talked before about the three components that are part of the accident cause chain, the direct cause, contributing causes and root causes. We are most interested in getting to the root causes. Root causes can be addressed and managed by hazard controls such as engineered controls and administrative controls. Engineered controls are physical arrangements, design or alterations of workstations, equipment, materials, production facilities or other aspects of the physical work environment. Administrative controls include scheduling of work activities, organizing tasks and responsibilities, staffing, training and coordinating stages in the production process

CMTA's 10 Step Accident Analysis tool can help you quickly identify the required accident information to make meaningful adjustments to your loss prevention program. This evaluation concludes with a recommended adjustment to the loss prevention program that addresses all of the accident causal factors that have been identified and that should be addressed by corrective actions.

Often times individuals in the organization responsible for safety have to wear many hats. This simple tool will allow them to document accident information and at the same time give the company's management team a clear understanding of what needs to be done to avoid this injury or an even a more serious injury in the future.

The 10 Step Accident Analysis form is available to all CMTA members participating in the CMTA Group Workers’ Compensation Program by emailing Renee Blatt at


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