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Coalition Proposes Strategy to Reduce Greenhouse Gas

 Jan. 19, 2007 
A new coalition representing thousands of California businesses will testify at an Air Resources Board workshop that regulatory uncertainty resulting from the implementation of AB 32 (Global Warming Solutions Act) threatens to delay investments to modernize, expand or build new facilities in California. These delays could result in lost jobs and lost opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions sooner than required.

The coalition will recommend the state consider a Certified Early Action program to solve this problem that would provide a way for the state to recognize and certify the early emission reductions resulting from new projects.

The AB 32 Implementation Group represents trade groups and companies employing more than one million California workers. It is led by the California Chamber of Commerce-California Manufacturers & Technology Association. Our mission is to ensure that the greenhouse gas emission reductions required under AB 32 are achieved while maintaining the competitiveness of California businesses and protecting the interests of consumers and workers.

Speakers are available for interviews throughout the day. The ARB workshop has a morning and afternoon session.

Monday, January 22
9:30 Noon
1:30 5 p.m.

Byron Sher Auditorium
Cal/EPA Headquarters
1001 I Street

Dorothy Rothrock, senior vice president of government relations,
California Manufacturers & Technology Association

Dominic DiMare, vice president of government relations, California
Chamber of Commerce

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