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Manufacturers President comments on Gov. Schwarzenegger’s healthcare proposal

 Jan. 8, 2007 Sacramento, CA -- California Manufacturers & Technology Association President Jack Stewart, made the following statement regarding Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed healthcare plan today:

    "California manufacturers provide health benefits for their employees and their families more than any other business sector – 74 percent. More manufacturers would like to provide health benefits, but rising costs are making it very difficult to do so. For this reason, reducing the cost of health care should be the primary focus for reform. Any solution should also ensure that the cost of doing business in California does not increase for manufacturers, who's operating costs are already 24 percent more than their competitors in other states. Our future health and prosperity depends on finding sensible solutions to the healthcare problem, while not driving away the very companies that provide the most coverage -- manufacturers.

    CMTA stands ready to work with the Legislature and the Governor on reforming our healthcare system to better provide for the working families of California."

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