3 Career techincal education / Skilled workforce articles

Budget proposal to permanently fund CTE heads for approval
 June 11, 2018

For over a decade, CMTA has fought to secure dedicated, permanent funding for career technical education (CTE) programs that teach the skills manufacturers need today and help individuals find a rewarding career that pays more than a livable wage, ...
State Approves Strong Workforce Program to Increase CTE Access at Community Colleges
 June 17, 2016

The focus on preparing students for the higher-skilled jobs that exist in California’s economy continued to be a theme in this year’s budget discussions. And, while we were unable to convince budget policy makers to maintain the current ...
Video: Career technical education advances in Capitol
 May 2, 2013

CMTA is fighting hard for the protection of career-technical education (CTE) in the Governor's new education formula -- formally titled the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). SB 660, which passed out of the Senate Education ...
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